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Can I study for 1 week?

Yes, you can enroll for just one week.

When do classes start?

Every Monday 9am but please get to the office at 8am.

How can I enroll?

Once you contact us in the registration form, we´ll send you an email with:

The official enrolment form, link for placement test. Payment request for the first week online with Paypal. Then congratulations! You are now an Orquidea student for the best Spanish learning experience.

If Im already enrolled but have to cancel my trip do I get the refund?

If you cancel 3 days before, meaning you cancel the Friday before your Monday first class you get a full refund, if you cancel by the weekend or don’t show up you get 80% refund when you request it.

Are there classes for even advance students?

Yes, we have classes at all levels.

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